Shapiro Fine Art

Collection of traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro. All subjects with an emphasis on commissioned work.

‘ The Apple Pickers’

' The Apple Pickers'

This painting was commissioned by a couple from my home town of Stafford. The couple came into my gallery awhile ago. They had been searching for some time for a painting of an apple orchard. The brief was to include two young boys with fair hair and a Red Setter dog. This set me a challenge, for it is the first time I’ve tackled this type of genre painting. As with most commissions you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially as it is impossible to perceive what the client is thinking. That said, it is always more satisfying when you achieve the desired result. I won’t know yet, as this has been posted before the clients have seen the work.

One Response to “‘ The Apple Pickers’”

  1. Jenny Webb

    We are in fact the couple who set Derek the task. When we first set eyes on it it took our breath away. This is just what we had in our minds eye! It reminds us of our two sons when they were young. It now hangs in our home for all friends and family to see. Many thanks Derek.


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