Shapiro Fine Art

Collection of traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro. All subjects with an emphasis on commissioned work.

Oil Painting Of A Working Cocker Spaniel

A commissioned oil on canvas posthumous painting of Bisto, a working Cocker Spaniel with a cartridge bag, in a wooded setting


Oil on canvas 14 x 18 ins

This is Bisto, a working Cocker Spaniel. Painted posthumously, it will be presented as a gift to the husband of the client who commissioned the painting. Lucky for me the client provided me with a good enough photograph of Bisto to work from. All be it, the photograph of Bisto was taken in the clients back garden and as Bisto was a working dog, it seemed appropriate to paint him out in the field, posing as a peg dog. It is always an apprehensive moment when clients see commissioned paintings and when unveiling a painting for the first time reactions always speak louder than words. The client came to the gallery to-day to pick the painting up and I’m pleased to say I got the desired result. Her husband is in for a great surprise on Christmas Day.

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One Response to “Oil Painting Of A Working Cocker Spaniel”

  1. Admin.

    This comment was posted on the 26th December on Sandra Hatfield’s Facebook page.

    The painting is unbelievably beautiful, painted by a talented artist Derek Shapiro. Phill loves it, he cried when he saw it, which was my reaction. Thank you Derek for making our Christmas Day.


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