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Collection of traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro. All subjects with an emphasis on commissioned work.

An Oil Painting Of A Woodsman Taking A Break

An oil painting of a Dutch Blue heavy horse and a woodsman taking a midday break.

‘The Woodsman’

Oil on canvas 12 x 16 ins

Scenes like this are seldom seen and I was extremely fortunate to find such a chance and put it to canvas. I came upon this scene while’st out walking at a place called Rodney’s Pillar. Rodney’s Pillar is set on a hilltop in Montgomeryshire about a mile from the boundary with Shropshire. The hilltop rises to 900 ft and at the top give spectacular 360 degree views across Shropshire, Cheshire and Wales. You can follow a path, open to the public, which takes you through woods on both sides and leads up to the hilltop.

There is also pheasant shooting during  the season and from October to January access is closed to the public on a shoot day. The woodsman in the painting was having a lunch break prior to which he had been working his blue roan, Dutch Draft mare, which was flattening bracken in the woods.

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One Response to “An Oil Painting Of A Woodsman Taking A Break”

  1. Admin.

    I tracked down the woodsman in the painting and received the following email from him……

    The breed of my mare Elza is a Dutch Draft or Trekpaard, in Dutch; her colour is blue roan. She was 18 years old when you saw her, stands 16.2 hands and, I think on the very same day that you saw her, on the way home I put her on the weighbridge near Buttington and she weighed in at 860kg.
    Nick Burton
    Powys Forest Horses


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