'Birds Nest with Hawthorne'

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Oil on zinc 8 x 10 in

An oil painting of a birds nest with Hawthorne set on a mossy ground.
The reason why this was painted onto zinc stems from working as a Ceramic Artist in the china industry for Coalport, because it is a similar ground to bone china to paint on.

I like the detail of this painting something I picked up at Coalport, which I carried forward to later work, it has been particularly useful for painting still life where you can bring the detail to the fore, my biggest problem was getting rid of small squirrel, badger & ox hair brushes. I now go straight in with bristle brushes and finish off with smaller sables.

Since the advent of digital imaging and the way technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds has made websites etc possible. If I’m totally honest about it I don’t much like it as it robs me of my painting, but realize to a certain degree, you have got to jump on the bandwagon or get left behind.

The original painting was stolen along with my my car whilst I was on business in York, if anybody knows of it’s whereabouts please get in touch.

I have on offer as I’ve photographed most of my originals and select a few to go to print, Limited Edition Lithograph of this painting.