‘Brody’ A Working English Springer Spaniel (1)

Portrait of a  Working english springer spaniel

I have an affinity with working spaniels. Some years ago I was involved in field sports and used to train and field trial the English Springer Spaniels.

In my opinion there is nothing finer than a well trained sporting Springer for hunting and flushing game in the thickest of cover.

The Kennel Club name of this dog was Snigglepits Smudge , Smudge (the last part of the affix) , because he was a tri coloured dog and his eyebrows and around his nose, as you can see in the image, were a gingery colour.

Snigglepits the first part of the affix was the name of particular wood which I used to shoot. His pet name was Brody.

Brody was born out of a bitch I trained called Snigglepits Spinner with a pet name called Bonnie who was a Field Trial Winner.

Had I have not given up training and shooting over my dogs, Brody in my opinion would’ve made a Field Trial Champion.

He was bold and stylish with boundless energy and would flush out game in the thickest of cover. Brody, along with my other spaniels were a Joy  to work.

Each one had a different character and a joy to work; the pleasure I got was seeing them work, but alas if I’m honest, was never in the shooting.

Here you can see a painting of Brody’s grandmother.

My pleasure now is putting them to canvas.

‘Portrait of a Working Spaniel’

Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in

This painting is in my collection, although I would consider selling


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