An oil painting on canvas of the A4 Mallard, the fastest steam locomotive on the planet

‘Mallard’, the world’s fastest steam engine passing through York Station, the painting is seen here when she was brought out of mothballs in 1988 when it took part in commemorations

Designed by Nigel Gresley, this loco holds the record for speed, on 3 July 1938, the A4 class locomotive Mallard raced down Stoke Bank at 126 mph to set a new steam locomotive world speed record that still stands today.

I found a photograph of Mallard years and years later with the intention of doing a painting, this happens to be the first time I have painted a steam train, which at the moment sits in my collection, the other one being of a steam train pulling in to the Newby Bridge Station whilst I was on holiday in Cumbria.

I find steam trains much more picturesque than diesel or electric. Although life was much harder in times gone bye, I don’t think they were as picturesque, a good example would be the painting of Shire horses ploughing that I painted awhile ago

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‘ Mallard ‘ Oil on canvas 20 x 30 ins

Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in x 50.8 x 76.2