A canvas painting of the 14th Century ‘Dartmouth Castle’ Squally Weather Coming In’

This is a painting of Dartmouth Castle , built to protect the harbour from a French attack and the earliest parts of the castle date back to the 1380s .

Whilst holidaying in the South West we took in a day at Dartmouth and the weather turned to rain with a storm coming in.

You can take a boat from the castle into the town, and I remember asking the boatman to row out into choppy waters to take in this scene of the castle.

This is a dour painting of the Castle and as I have an obsession for realism in attempting to paint the elements as is, I don’t think I would go as far as the famous artist J.M.W Turner, the landscape artist, in being lashed to a mast and witnessing a full force storm while out at sea !


‘Dartmouth Castle’ Squally Weather Coming In’

Oil on canvas panel 16 x 23 in – 40.64 x 58.42 cm

Painting available to purchase