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‘Portrait of a Red Poll Bull’

An oil painting of a Red Poll Bull grazing in pasture land

‘Portrait of a Red Poll Bull’

Oil on canvas 10″ x 16″

This painting of the Red Poll will join other paintings of cattle which I have painted in the past.

There are ten breeds of native British cattle, this being the red poll which is a cross of the Norfolk Red and Suffolk Dun.

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An oil painting of a light coloured Red Fox Labrador dog


Oil on canvas panel 10″ x 8″

Commissioned portrait of a Fox Red Labrador

Your best friend painted in oils

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‘Just Turned Out’ Newhey Farm’ Lancashire

An oil painting of a farmhouse in yorkshire with cows being driven down the lane and let out into the field.

‘ Just Turned Out’ Newhay Farm’ Lancashire

Oil on canvas 10″ x 30″

Commissioned painting

Comment from Richard Drake. 9 September 2017

This is the picture I commissioned for my dad’s birthday, the picture here doesn’t do it justice, Derek’s work is superb the detail is fantastic and my dad is very happy with it, we had a wonderful trip to Derek’s gallery to pick the picture up, his other work on display is fantastic and worth a visit if you want to check out his work before commissioning a picture or just looking for something for that empty spot on a wall

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‘An Angus Bull’

An oil painting on canvas of an Angus bull standing in a field

‘An Angus Bull’

Oil on canvas 10″ x 16″

This painting is a commission destined for a new Inn about to open where Angus steak will be served on the menu.

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Pastel on paper 15″ x 12″

This is a commissioned  pastel portrait of Oliver, who at the time was four years of age. I find pastel portraits of children particularly demanding for there are no characteristic features to latch onto and children are smooth and wrinkle free.



‘Millie and Charlie’

Portrait head study of two Jack Russell dogs

‘Millie and Charlie’

Oil on canvas panel 12″ x 10″


‘Charlie’ the bottom dog in this painting passed away last September, he was over 17 years of age.

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Portrait painting of an old black Labrador

Portrait study of an old black Labrador dog lying out on a garden lawn

‘Old Jazz’ 

Commissioned painting

Oil on canvas panel 10″ x 8″

This is Jasmine, Jazz for short. Jazz was the old faithful friend of the client who commissioned me to paint her. I paid Jazz a visit to take notes and photograph her, she was looking pretty frail at the time and passed away before I’d finished the painting.

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