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‘Yellow, Chocolate and Black’

An Oil on canvas painting of five Labrador puppies

A painting of a yellow, two chocolate and two black Labrador puppies looking over the top of a kennel partition
‘Yellow, Chocolate and Black’

Oil on canvas 14 x 24 in – 35.56 x 60.96 cm


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‘Late Summer’ Hathersage Derbyshire


On a misty day in late summer it rained for most of the day, which was reduced to a drizzle in the early afternoon. In the Derwent Valley the village of Hathersage which is situated in the Peak District of Derbyshire, can just be seen in the distance looking back between the trees. To the right of the painting you can drop down a bank to the River Derwent, where you can cross the river by way of stepping stones which take you to the other side, and you can continue along a worn river path which takes you into the village of Shatton, it makes for a good circular walk.

Landscape painting of a scene near Hathersage, Derbyshire
‘Late Summer’ Hathersage Derbyshire

Oil on canvas 12 x 16 in – 30.84 x 40.64 cm


The historical village of Maer ‘St Peter’s Church’ (1)

St Peter’s Church is situated in a small rural village close to my gallery, the painting was commissioned by a lovely couple who sometime ago got married in the church.

“Its main feature is the large 17th-century stone built country house, Maer Hall, built on a slope above a lake or “mere”, gave the house and estate its name. The Hall became the home of Josiah Wedgwood II and was frequently visited by his nephew Charles Darwin, who went on to marry Josiah’s daughter Emma at St. Peter’s Church, which stands higher on the hillside close to the Hall. When she was young Emma helped her older sister Elizabeth with the Sunday School, which was held in Maer Hall laundry, giving sixty village children their only formal training in reading, writing and religion. The grave of Josiah Wedgwood II and his wife Elizabeth in the churchyard, has a view down over the Hall”.

‘St Peter’s Church’

 Oil on linen canvas panel 25.4 cm x 35.56 cm


‘Whitmore Church’ Oil painting

This is a past painting of Saint Mary and All Saints Parish Church situated in Staffordshire, near to Newcastle Under Lyme. I was commissioned to paint the church by clients who’s son got married there and as the clock states at half past one on a sunny afternoon.

‘Saint Mary and All Saints Parish Church’

Oil on canvas 20.32 x 30.48 cm


Oil on canvas panel of ‘Madeley Mill’

A local scene of Madeley Mill, a significant feature and well-known landmark of the village of Madeley which is situated in North Staffordshire. An old grain Mill built in the 19th Century and to be demolished roundabout 1980, saved by the developers and converted into apartments.

‘Madeley Mill’

 Oil on canvas panel 8 x 12 in 20.32 x 30.84 cm

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‘Still Life of a Brace of Pheasants a Country Chair and Shotgun’

After seeing my work on my website I received a contact form and was commissioned to paint this picture with the following brief.

Hello We have often admired your paintings. We have two gold coloured ornate frames. The measurements being. Overall frame size 39cm H by 34cm W Canvas View size 29cm H by 24cm W Rear fitting size 30.5cm H by 25.5cm W The pictures are for a dining room. 1) Picture of grapes, plumbs and a wine glass on a rustic table or cheese board. (  2) Picture of a brace of shot pheasants draped over a country house chair with shot gun leaning against it. In both cases we would be open to suggestions. We would be interested in whether or not this is something you would consider doing. We accept that charges would be dictated by time and detail going into each picture but a rough idea of price would be helpful. This would help us decide if this is the route to go. Kind regards Eddy


'Still Life of a Brace of Pheasants a Country Chair and Shotgun' Oil on canvas 10 x 8 ins
‘A Brace of Pheasants a Country Chair and Shotgun’

Oil on canvas 10 x 8 in

Commissions accepted all subjects

‘Study of a Fallen Apple’

This windswept apple was collected from the bottom of my garden. I’ve no idea of the name of this particular apple, for the tree that it came from was in my garden for some time before I came here. It was a good eater and probably came out of a Cox’s. Another bonus about painting still life fruit pictures is you get to eat the props.

A still life painting of a fallen apple and blackberries on a natural ground and a mossy background
‘Study of a Fallen Apple with Blackberries’ 

Oil on panel 5 x 7 in

Painting sold

Commissions like this or any subject welcome for 2021, please get in touch on the form below.

‘The Prize Bull’

These Hereford bulls are magnificent animals and make great paintings. I had this particular painting hanging in my gallery window along with a painting of a head study  they were hanging in the window for less than a week, a farmer who happened to be passing by after a call at a cattle market called into the gallery and purchased them both. Lucky for me that they where hanging in the right place at the right time.

An oil painting on a panel of a pize Hereford Bull standing in a field
‘The Prize Bull’
Oil on panel 14″ x 20″

Commissions invited, any subject.

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Bird Paintings – ‘Barn Owl Stretching’

The most widely distributed owl in the world , my most favorite of all owls and a real challenge to paint. More birds here .

‘Barn Owl Stretching’

Oil on canvas panel 12 3/8 x 16 3/8 in

Painting sold, commissions invited, any subject. Fill the form out with your details.

Landscape Paintings -‘River Wye’ Monsal Dale Derbyshire

This painting was first posted, and is displayed in the Landscape Paintings gallery without a frame. Here it is seen with a restored period frame. Although I think you can mix traditional with modern you are of course at liberty to change the frame to something more contemporary should you think it would better fit your interior.

Oil on panel 18 x 24 in Framed size 21.50 x 27.50 in

Painting available to purchase.

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