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‘Charlie’ the Old Soldier’

An oil on canvas painting of an old retired working chocolate labrador dog

‘Charlie’ the Old Soldier’

Oil on canvas 14″ x 10″ (35.56 cm x 25.4 cm)

This is a commissioned painting of a beloved dog called Charlie. As well as a pet, Charlie led a busy life as a working peg dog, retrieving game for the client who shoots on the local pheasant shoot. As you can see with the grey mussel and eyes, I thought the title of the painting to be an apt description.

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‘Posthumous Portrait Study of a Cross Bred Dog’

Portrait study in pencil of a cross bred dog called Millie


Pencil on card 10″ x 7″ approx;

This is a posthumous drawing of a dog. I don’t normally do pencil drawings but as I was asked by a client who wanted to surprise her husband with this drawing as a birthday gift, and as she has bought things off me in the past, on this occasion I said that I would and decided to let her have it at a discounted price. To cut a long story short, she has never seen the drawing and I’ve not seen her since. Fortunately for me this type of occurrence has never happened before, so to put the drawing to use, I decided to create a new gallery that will show off any drawings that I decide to do in the future. In the past the only drawing that I’ve done are preparatory sketches for paintings where I go straight in with a brush. As far as the discipline of drawing goes, age and indolence has caught me up and I intend to use a pencil a lot more, there is nothing quite like it to teach you about light and shade.

‘ Chorlty ‘

In the Terrier group, the Border Terrier is a small rough coated breed of dog. Initially bred because of their fearless nature, as a fox and vermin hunter. They are very affectionate, intelligent and obedient and make ideal pets.


An oil painting of a Border Terrier standing with it's front legs on a chair, looking out


Oil on canvas panel 10″ x 8″

This is a painting of a pet dog called ‘Chorlty’. Here you see him standing in his favourite spot with front feet on his chair next to the window. If you would like to commission a painting of your best friend then please get in touch.

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Portrait painting of an old black Labrador

Portrait study of an old black Labrador dog lying out on a garden lawn

‘Old Jazz’ 

Commissioned painting

Oil on canvas panel 10″ x 8″

This is Jasmine, Jazz for short. Jazz was the old faithful friend of the client who commissioned me to paint her. I paid Jazz a visit to take notes and photograph her, she was looking pretty frail at the time and passed away before I’d finished the painting.

Commissions welcome, any subject. Please feel free to contact me here.



A Pair Of Jack Russell’s

An oil painting of two Jack Russel dog head studies

‘Minnie and Toby’

Oil on canvas 16″ x 12″

I did this painting of two Jacks about 10 years ago. ‘Toby’ the rough-haired terrier at the bottom of the canvas, who was an old boy back then, has for sometime been in doggy heaven. The client who commissioned the painting has asked me to do another painting of the same size, with ‘Minnie’ the smooth haired Jack at the top of the canvas,( who is now 11 years old), to take Toby’s place at the bottom of the canvas and Minnie to be replaced at the top with the clients new dog ‘Rollo’, another Jack Russell.

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An oil painting of a working English Springer Spaniel

An oil portrait painting of an English Springer Spaniel working dog.

‘Ready to Go’ 

Oil on canvas 30 x 24 ins

This is a painting of an English Springer Spaniel who began life as a working dog.

By the name of Bessie, she grew up with my two daughters and lived until the age of sixteen years.

As Bessie doubled up as a pet dog as well as a worker, she was loved and ruined by my daughters who idolized her, she was retired at an early age from working life.

Bessie was the best field trial dog that never was.

I gave the painting to my youngest daughter Sarah who used to teach her all the wrong things.

All though no longer here, Bessie continues to work for me and has brought me many commissions.

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