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Pott Bank Series – Richardson’s Pottery

Established in 1915 by Albert G. Richardson in Tunstal Stoke-On-Trent (1915-c.1960)

(3). ‘Richardson’s Pottery’ Pencil on card

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‘Frank’ aka ‘The Best Twister In Stafford’

My latest portrait study in charcoal of Frank. Earlier on I did a portrait study of Fred, the younger brother of Frank. As with Fred I have known Frank nearly all of my life and count him as one of my true and trusted friends.

‘Frank’ aka ‘The Best Twister In Stafford’

Pencil on paper 13 x 11 in

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Drawings-Pot Bank Series (2)

This second drawing of Price and Kensington is looking up the Trent and Mersey canal, the canal was used by barges which were loaded with ware and taken around the country, it was also used to bring in kaolin (china clay) to the various pottery manufacturers. As well as pottery the canal was used by other industries to get their raw materials and to move other goods about in large volumes. Nowadays hardly any freight is carried on the canal, but it is a main link between so many of the other canals that are used for pleasure boating.

Price and Kensington was founded in 1896 by the Price brothers, they produced earthenware, specializing in table top accessories and teapots.

Price and Kensington

Pencil on card

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Drawings – Pot Bank Series (1)

This is the first in a series of Pot Bank drawings left over during the destruction of Stoke On Trent’s pottery industry, in which in 1979, over 20,000 people subsequently lost their jobs. In earlier times most of Stoke On Trent was covered with these bottle ovens bellowing out smoke after being fired up and Stoke On Trent was quickly known as the Potteries, the place to get your china and earthenware from. The larger factories were owned by a smaller group and had been in the family for generations, sadly or not, most are no longer with us during the demise of the pottery industry.

‘Price and Kensington’

Pencil on paper

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Drawing – ‘Glyn’ aka The Picture Framer’

My latest drawing in pencil on paper. Glyn is local to me and takes care of picture framing for most of my drawings.

‘Glyn’ aka The Picture Framer’

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‘Sarah Louise’ Pencil on paper

‘Sarah Louise’

Pencil on Paper 13 x 11.75 in

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New Portrait Drawing

This is Les, aka Elsie, who moved into my village some years ago. Elsie because his middle name is Colin…which makes his initials LC…it  was his nickname when at school.

There are many strings to Les’s bow, as well as being a designer, photographer, writer, speaker, Les decided about ten years ago to launch his own one-man, creative magazine. Going through many potential names, one day his old school nickname popped back into his head, so the magazine Elsie was born.

“visual cornucopia of stuff that inspires, intrigues and excites me…I hope it does the same for you”

You can check it out at: 

   Head study on paper in pencil of a man

‘Les Jones aka Elsie’

Pencil on SVE paper 12 x 10 in

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New portrait drawing

A head study of Ed, added to the drawings page and a continuation in doing without colour with the sole intention of dealing with light and shade. Photo taken on my iphone whilst having a pint and talking nonsense in the local.