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‘A Quiet Backwater’ 

Oil on canvas 12″ x 16″ (30.48 cm x 40.64)

I discovered this scene of a thatched cottage in a place called Little Hazley which is situated in Oxfordshire, a virtually untouched part of our English landscape where time stands still. I changed the road from tarmac into a dirt path which I thought would be more fitting for this type of scene, beside  I don’t much like tamac in paintings! The painting was snapped up at an exhibition I had in Staffordshire.


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‘Ready for Tack’

Oil painting of a horse standing in a room being prepared for tack

‘Ready for Tack’ 

Oil on canvas 13″ x 16″

An oil painting of a horse at the North Staffs Hunt stable in the tack room being prepared for tack.

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A posthumous horse portrait of ‘Benson’



Oil on panel 10 x 8 ins

Posthumous paintings are always a little more tricky to do. It is essential in most cases to meet the subject one paints in order to achieve the character, mood and something of the personality of the animal in question. In the case of a landscape, depending on the elements, one sets out to capture the atmosphere of the view.

The client who commissioned this painting is from East Anglia, and after seeing my work on Facebook asked me if I would paint her beloved horse that passed away sometime ago.

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An Oil Painting Of A Woodsman Taking A Break

An oil painting of a Dutch Blue heavy horse and a woodsman taking a midday break.

‘The Woodsman’

Oil on canvas 12 x 16 ins

Scenes like this are seldom seen and I was extremely fortunate to find such a chance and put it to canvas. I came upon this scene while’st out walking at a place called Rodney’s Pillar. Rodney’s Pillar is set on a hilltop in Montgomeryshire about a mile from the boundary with Shropshire. The hilltop rises to 900 ft and at the top give spectacular 360 degree views across Shropshire, Cheshire and Wales. You can follow a path, open to the public, which takes you through woods on both sides and leads up to the hilltop.

There is also pheasant shooting during  the season and from October to January access is closed to the public on a shoot day. The woodsman in the painting was having a lunch break prior to which he had been working his blue roan, Dutch Draft mare, which was flattening bracken in the woods.

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Portrait commission of a huntswoman

 'A Huntswoman of the Cleveland Hunt' Rose Berry Topping in the background' An oil on canvas painting of a hunts woman on horse back at a hunt meet, set with in a landscape in Northumbria.

‘A Huntswoman of the Cleveland Hunt’ Rose Berry Topping in the background’ 


Oil on canvas 24 x 36 ins

Here a commissioned painting of a member of the Cleveland Hunt. Rose Berry Topping can be seen in the background.

Rose Berry Topping is an iconic hill situated on the edge of the North York Moors.

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‘The Ploughing Match’

The Ploughing Match‘The Ploughing Match’

Oil on canvas 14 x 20 in

I just love these gentle giants that used to plow the fields in bygone days. I often think I was born in the wrong period for past times always make for more pleasing paintings, especially if you are a traditional painter.


‘Stable Mates’

Stable Mates

I saw this scene at the stables of the North Staffs Hunt. I went there sometime ago to see the stable owner to talk about painting his dogs. Whilst waiting for the owner, who was out in the field fixing fences, I took a walk around the stables, and armed with camera snapped the scene. That’s the beauty of photography, particularly with animals, it gives you an instant reference source, and you’ve heard the saying, never work with children or animals, I was lucky to be there just at the right time to get the shot. I got there just before the stable block was mucked out and all got disturbed. There was a touch of sadness with this painting, the little Patterdale leaning against the stable door got into some rat poison which was foolishly left about, and died before I had finished the painting.

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