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‘Late Afternoon’ Twixt Rain and Shine’, The Lledr River, Dolwyddelan, North Wales

The inspiration behind this painting was taken whilst out walking along the River Lledr in North Wales. It was a glorious sunny day and  there came on a torrential rain storm which disappeared as soon as it came. I was struck in the change of light from very bright sunshine as the ground and foliage soaked up the rain, and the different greens became much darker and richer and took on as it so often does in the North Welsh landscape pearly looking green greys. I have to say that it is one of my favourite landscapes, so much so that even though I would probably sell it, it sits quite happily in my collection and hangs on the wall of my house.

An oil on canvas landscape painting of a River Scene in North Wales

‘Late Afternoon’ Twixt Rain and Shine’, The Lledr River, Dolwyddelan, North Wales

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‘Foggy Morning’

I sold this painting from my gallery, which is housed in a rural complex of North Staffordshire. There is a  driven pheasant shoot on an estate about half a mile away. The client who bought the painting is into field sports in a big way and is a member of the shoot.

An oil on canvas painting of a fieldsports man shooting pheasants on the second drive of a pheasant shoot with his labrador Peg dog sitting by his side

‘Foggy Morning’ 

Oil on canvas 20″ x 30″

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‘Cottage at Osmaston’ Derbyshire

An oil painting on a panel of a thatched cottage in a small hamlet with chickens feeding in the foreground.

‘Cottage at Osmaston’ Derbyshire 

Oil on panel

I discovered this cottage whilst out walking in the small hamlet of Osmaston which is situated between Uttoxeter and Ashbourne in the County of Derbyshire. Osmaston has numerous thatched cottages, some that I have painted before, such as ‘Lane End’, which is around the corner from the above painting. With the privilege of artists licence I renamed it Lane End because it was situated at the bottom of the road. With licence again I changed the tarmac to a dirt lane and added the Rhode Island Red chickens and the figure having just fed them leaving the scene.

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‘A Quiet Backwater’ 

Oil on canvas 12″ x 16″ (30.48 cm x 40.64)

I discovered this scene of a thatched cottage in a place called Little Hazley which is situated in Oxfordshire, a virtually untouched part of our English landscape where time stands still. I changed the road from tarmac into a dirt path which I thought would be more fitting for this type of scene, beside  I don’t much like tamac in paintings! The painting was snapped up at an exhibition I had in Staffordshire.


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‘Hard Winter’

This painting was purchased by a client who purchased a Limited Edition Print of HMS Warspite. He also commissioned me to paint a picture depicting Warspite during the first world war, embarking and passing through the Forth Bridge on her way to the Battle of Jutland. The Painting hangs in his house in Canada.


An oil painting of pheasants foraging for food in set in a wooded snowy landscape

‘Hard Winter’

Oil on canvas 16″ x 20″

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‘ Brooklands Lake’

IMG_3698.Brooklands Lake

‘Brooklands Lake’  Oil on canvas panel 8 x 10 in    🔴

Oil on canvas 8 x 12 in

Painted for a client who has had a number of paintings off me.

Brian, who over the years has become a good friend, dug the lake out in this painting and has recently stocked it with various types of fish.

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‘Peveril Castle’ Cave Dale’ Castleton Derbyshire Oil on canvas 14 x 20 in

Landscape oil painting on canvas of a castle ruin in Cave Dale in the Peak District of Derbyshire

‘Peveril Castle’ Cave Dale’

Oil on canvas 12 x 16

Landscape painting of a castle ruin, inspired while out walking in the Derbyshire Peak District.

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‘The Last Drive’

A Sepia watercolour study of a shooting man standing at a peg on the last drive of a pheasant shoot

‘The Last Drive’

Pencil and Sepia Watercolour

Study in watercolour, worked up in sepia, from a sketch out in the field.Number six of a series of shooting studies.

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‘Sunday Afternoon’

An oil painting of a horse drawn carriage on a bright sunny day passing a Gloucestershire cottage in a quiet backwater

‘Sunday Afternoon’

Oil on canvas 16″ x 12″

Sunday afternoon a young couple take a pony and carriage ride passing a thatched cottage in a quiet rural backwater of the Gloucestershire countryside. Beside the aesthetic charm of this picture, the object and fascination was to convey to the viewer the atmosphere of light and shade, and the strong contrast between bright sunshine and dark shadows where the sun fails to reach, where one is almost blinded when looking into the shadows.

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