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‘Into the Mist’ – Selected by the Royal Society of Marine Artists

This painting of HMS Trenchant is of a Trafalgar-class nuclear powered submarine.

Sometime ago, I painted the flagship to this submarine HMS Trafalgar  which was entered into a Navy Days exhibition in Plymouth, the exhibition was given over entirely to submarine pictures and the painting was sold as a result of the exhibition.

The painting of HMS Trenchant is seen here on trials, coming into Faslane, Scotland and was selected for exhibition at the Royal Society of Marine Artist at the Mall Galleries. I have the painting in my collection,although I would consider selling.


An oil painting of HMS Trenchant, first of the nuclear powered submarines (T-Class). On trials in Faslane.

‘Into the Mist’ HMS Trenchant

Oil on canvas 18 x 30 ins

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‘The Young Lady,Departs for the Battle of Jutland’

An oil on canvas seascape painting if the super dreadnought, HMS Warspite, during the first world war. Seen here coaled up as she passes the forth bridge, in moonlight, on her way to the battle of Jutland

‘Moonlight Serenade’ HMS Warspite The Young Lady,Departs for the Battle of Jutland’ 

Oil on canvas 20 x 30 ins

HMS Warspite, the most famous British battleship of all time, passes through the Forth Bridge ready for action at the Battle of Jutland.

The painting  was commissioned by a private client and hangs in Canada.

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