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‘Five Minutes’

A past painting I did for one of the Beaters that used to work on the shoot behind my gallery in North Staffordshire. A Signed Limited Edition Print of this painting is available on request.

‘Five Minutes’

Oil on canvas 24″ x 36″

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New Drawing – Pot Bank Series

A further bottle oven saved and listed by the City Council and included in the Drawings Page in the demise of the pottery industry.

Originally built in 1880 for the Smithfield Pottery manufacturers and decorators and taken over by Robert Sherwin Ltd. Robert Sherwin was a manufacturer of brushes mainly for the pottery industry and finally closed it’s doors after 50 years of business at the beginning of 1984. The site was purchased by the local authority and is now a Grade II listed building and is the only one of it’s kind to have survived in the Potteries.

‘Robert Sherwin Ltd’

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Limited Edition Print Offer

Strictly Limited To Just 30 Signed And Numbered Prints

I was commissioned to paint the original, along with another still life painting, by a client who appeared one day at the gallery. I liked the out come of the original so much, because of the varied challenging subject matter, the waxy look of the outdoor coat, the shotgun resting against the country chair, the brace of pheasants, along with the old cooking range set in a back scullery I decided to have a small number published. Should you like to take up this offer then fill out the form below and I will get back to you. There will be a reduction in the price if you would prefer to have it mounted and framed.

‘ Still Life of a Brace of Pheasants a Country Chair and a Shotgun’

‘ Classic Day Out ‘

Classic Day Out’ is  a water colour of Alan Davis, in his cherished MGB Roadster leaving Lewtrenchard Manor. Alan’s daughter, Catherine, commissioned me to do this painting. Alan now retired, has been in the motoring trade for 47 years, 30 of which were at the helm of his own business. He has completed many restorations of old MG’s and has been a member of the MG Club for over 40 years. Although I have never met Alan, through this painting I feel that I have got to know him partially. Alan used Lewtrenchard Manor the backdrop to the painting, for  business events as well as personal occasions, the  occasion this time, as the number plate say’s his 70th birthday. What a surprise.


Lewtrenchard Manor

‘Classic Day Out’


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Courtyard setting at the Alhambra

If you get the chance, pay a visit to the Alhambra, a beautiful palace set in the hills in Granada Spain. The Alhambra was a real walled city, built by the Nasrid Kings in the last period of Muslim rule in Spain.

You could spend a lifetime painting scenes of the many entrances and secluded courtyards set within the palace, as well as unending views and sections set within the palace walls.

I was struck by this view of the Lindaraja Courtyard depicted in the painting and, this courtyard alone could have made me work for at least a dozen or more paintings.

‘Lindaraja Courtyard’ Alhambra. Granada. Spain

Oil on panel 10 x 8 ins

Commissioned Painting

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‘10.45 to Newby Bridge Halt’

42073 class, BR Fairburn pulls in at Newby Bridge railway station.

This steam engine is from the Lakeside Haverthwaite heritage railway and the train stops at Lakeside station where you can board a boat on Lake Windermere.

I took in Newby Bridge on a walk I did along a stretch of the River Leven, the bridge is situated on the southern end of Lake Windermere and after a coffee at the hotel set off from the station where I was lucky enough to see the train passing through the station.

An oil painting of a steam engine of the Lakeside Haverthwaite heritage railway stopping off at the Newby Bridge Halt railway station and on it's way to Lake Windermere

‘10.45 to Newby Bridge Halt’

Oil on canvas panel 8″ x 12″

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The Fastest Steam Locomotive On The Planet

The Mallard, the world’s fastest steam engine passing through York Station. Brought out of mothballs and seen in 1988 when it took part in commemorations. Designed by Nigel Gresley , this loco holds the record for speed, on 3 July 1938, the A4 class locomotive Mallard raced down Stoke Bank at 126 mph to set a new steam locomotive world speed record, that still stands today.

The Mallard

‘ Mallard ‘

Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in

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‘Hard Winter’

This painting was purchased by a client who purchased a Limited Edition Print of HMS Warspite. He also commissioned me to paint a picture depicting Warspite during the first world war, embarking and passing through the Forth Bridge on her way to the Battle of Jutland. The Painting hangs in his house in Canada.

An oil painting of pheasants foraging for food in set in a wooded snowy landscape

‘Hard Winter’

Oil on canvas 16″ x 20″

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Second commission of ‘St Peters Church’ Maer

Commissioned painting of Maer Church in Staffordshire

‘St Peter’s Church’ (2) Maer Newcastle Staffordshire

Oil on linen canvas panel 10 x 14 ins


After starting the first painting of St Peters church,  I was commissioned to do this second picture. By coincidence the client came into the gallery shortly after I started the first painting. He too got married at the church and was visiting his wife who is buried there. As explained in the first painting of St.Peters, Charles Darwin, the father of evolution married there, after marrying Joshia Wedgwood’s daughter, who used to live in Maer Hall which is opposite the church. Some years ago I was commissioned to paint Maer Hall by the present owner, since Darwin’s days, the Hall has been reduced considerably in size.

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‘The Topiary Garden’

A painting of a chess set made out of topiary set out on a garden lawn.

‘The Topiary Garden’  (No.1 of a pair)

A painting of a chess set made out of topiary set out on a garden lawn with a ha-ha in the middle distance.

‘The Topiary Garden’ (No.2 of a pair)

Commissioned paintings

Water Colour 12 x 16 ins

This pair of pictures were painted in the Victorian style of water colour painting and the topiary set out on the lawn represents a chess set. In painting two, the lawn finishes and looks over a ha-ha into the distant fields. A ha-ha is a recessed landscape design element that creates a vertical barrier while preserving views, as well as preventing access to a garden by grazing livestock, without obstructing views.

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