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‘Early Morning Light’ Westzaan’ Netherlands

An early morning painting of a windmill set in Westzaan, a town in the Dutch province of North Holland in the municipality of Zaanstad. I had an exhibition of wild life paintings in Westzaan and did this painting sometime after back in my studio, the whole of the exhibition was devoted to wild life paintings. .

An oil painting of a windmill in the early morning with a pair of Mallard ducks landing in the dyke
‘ Early Morning Light’

Oil on panel 25.4 x 35.56 cm

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Landscape Paintings, ‘Windmills in Westzaan’

This painting set in late September on an overcast drizzly day is of some of the windmills situated in Westzaan, a town in the Dutch province of North Holland in the municipality of Zaanstad, which is about 8 miles northeast of Haarlem. Sometime ago an exhibition was held from October to January in a gallery near to Amsterdam where I was invited to show. The whole of the exhibition was given over to wildlife paintings, some 300 paintings were on show.

Windmills in the Netherlands, of which they are plenty, are the most obvious things to paint and my time in Westzaan was spent visiting and recording some of these sights.

I’m partway through another painting of a windmill which I will be posting shortly.

An oil painting of three windmills in

‘Windmills in Westzaan’

Oil on panel 10″ x 14″

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