Taxidermy by Tony Bailey

Country Gallery has been searching for some time to display a range of taxidermy in the gallery to compliment the paintings of Derek Shapiro. We have looked at a considerable amount of taxidermy in the past, which has never really reached the standard and quality of work that we’ve been searching for. Through the French Emporium, who have a retail shop at the same complex as Country Gallery, it transpired that Mick the owner has a brother Tony who has an uncompromising passion for taxidermy, which we immediately thought was right, and we decided to carry his work.

About Tony Bailey

Tony Bailey

From an early age his passion has been wildlife, animals of all kinds and especially birds and their natural habitats.

In the early 80s he began experimenting with taxidermy, his subjects were mainly game birds as they were readily available and due to their size more forgiving to work on.

Due to work commitments he had a break for several years, beginning again in the early 90s, his passion was reignited when he picked up a dead Tawny Owl from the roadside, apparently struck by a vehicle, which was to become his major source of the subjects he now mounts.

His subjects range from Britain’s smallest bird the Goldcrest to a European Eagle Owl, raptors and owls are some of his favourite subjects, but enjoys the challenge that smaller birds present, and it’s this that makes his hobby/passion the joy that it is, he is always experimenting with different settings for the birds, as he says “in the wild birds don’t pose for the camera” his attention to detail for the settings is extraordinary, he spends hours even days sourcing the items that are used for his subjects, ranging from an old rusty kettle to a gnarled piece of wood, and each one is unique in every way.

Virtually all of his subjects are cased, only the finest wood is used, (mainly oak) this is always hand picked, and every case is bespoke, he also makes cases using the Tiffany copper foil method, this looks very classy on the smaller cases adding a touch of finesse.

His work now ranks among’st some of the finest you will see, it is because of this that Country Gallery decided to take his work on.

He is a member of the Guild of Taxidermist, but unlike other members is not into the competition scene, hunting rosettes and trophies, his take on that is, “I do it for the love of it, not to prove I can do it”.

Where necessary, Tony’s subjects are accompanied with the relevant paperwork from DEFRA , namely an article 10, to prove the subject was attained lawfully.

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