True to Life | British Realist Painting


I decided to add this page to my website just before the Covid pandemic and to revive my dormant drawing skills, there is in my opinion no better way to do it than to focus on head studies of people in the study of light and shade. All of the people portraits here are relatives or of people I know.

Regarding the derelict bottle oven scenes, I drew these and sold them along with the dog portraits sometime ago before the outbreak of the pandemic and have included them here.

Using pencil and charcoal in rendering the human figure takes away the colour and demands that you not only focus on the medium, but it gives you valuable lessons in light and shade that give head studies there realism.

The studies that you see on this page can well hold there own as finished products, without the use of colour, it never ceases to amaze me how through development one can convey the personality and dynamics of the subject by using lead graphite or charcoal sticks alone on a two dimensional surface.