11. DEDICATED TO ‘HMS Warspite’ World War 2

Content on this page is dedicated to ‘HMS Warspite The Old Lady’


This incredible ship served through the first and second world wars and even defied a trip to the breakers yard and ran aground in Prussia Cove, Cornwall, where she was broken up where she lay.

The most decelerated ship and carrying more battle honours in Royal Naval history.

My interest in HMS Warspite began sometime ago when I was commissioned to paint the Old Lady by RN Provost Marshal Headquarters, HMS Drake, Plymouth, where it now hangs in the Mess.


Warspite presentation
Left to right, Lt Cmdr Ernest Lord, Provost Marshall, Capt.of HMS Warspite (at the time, a nuclear powered submarine) Derek Shapiro the Artist and Master at Arms, Philip Bryant.
Finished painting commissioned by for the Mess
'HMS Warspite, The Old Lady Bombarding the Beaches, Normandy', Oil painting of the most famous British Battle ship of all time, firing salvos during the D-Day landings
‘HMS Warspite’ The Old Lady’ Bombarding the Beaches, Normandy’

Oil on canvas  Size: 30″ x 48″  by Derek Shapiro


Artist signed prints of HMS Warspite are available through this site, if your are interested in purchasing a print then please contact Derek Shapiro here

 ‘HMS Warspite (The Young Lady)’ World War 1
An oil on canvas seascape painting if the super dreadnought, HMS Warspite, during the first world war. Seen here coaled up as she passes the forth bridge, in moonlight, on her way to the battle of Jutland
‘Moonlight Serenade’ HMS Warspite The Young Lady,Departs for the Battle of Jutland’

  oil on canvas  Size: 20″ x 30″  by Derek Shapiro

This painting was commissioned by a private client and is hanging overseas in Canada.

 HMS Warspite Book by Wally Shaw

A report by the author’s father of his times served on HMS Warspite in WW2 save by incorporating it in to a small tome by his son.

”I bought a print of HMS Warspite from Derek Shapiro, the artist, and sent it to my father soon after this, and he sent me a copy of his report. I re-discovered his report in June 2012 and realised that if I didn’t do something constructive about it, it would be lost forever. Hence the book.

Wally died in 2008 and I sent the Warspite picture to my son, Shean Shaw, who also spends his life at sea off the coast of Australia, working in the oil industry.

HMS Warspite was the most powerful weapons platform in the world when she was launched in 1915. She had eight 15” rifled cannon, four for’ard and four aft, capable of hitting a target at about 26,000 yards (23,000 metres) or about 15 miles.

My grandfather, William Shaw, Chief Armourer, did the gun trials on her prior to commissioning.

My father, Wally Shaw was a telegraphist aboard her in 1940-41 under Admiral Cunningham. He wrote of his time after a “last Tribute” to the “Grand Old Lady” as she was known, at a memorial service held in Marazion, Cornwall in 1992 on the shore opposite to where she sank”.


No. of pages: 51
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: AUD$5.00
Paperback: AUD$11.95
Illustrated with colour and b/w photographs.

 Maurice Hammond

Maurice who is one of two of known last surviving members of the HMS Warspite crewe from WW2, is seen here receiving a lapel badge from the Warspite Association and with his wife receiving a Limited Edition print of HMS Warspite by Derek Shapiro.

Maurice with lapel badge and with his wife receiving the print.

David Embleton who kindly ordered the print for Maurice for his birthday sent me a message which reads as follows ; 

”Maurice joined the crew of The Warspite in 1944 as an 18 year old signalman.

He remembers well the feeling on the ship when she fired her 15 inch guns, almost like riding a thunderstorm!

He clearly remembers being part of a convoy in the Chanel when they were escorted by 4 destroyers on all 4 major compass points.

According to Maurice he joined the crew of The Warspite in 1944 as an 18 year old signalman. He stayed with The Warspite until the end of the war when he was made senior signalman on HMS Cowdray, a destroyer.

According to a Mr I Davies who used to run the Warspite association Maurice is only 1 of 2 known surviving crew members from WW2.Mr I Davies who used to run the Warspite association Maurice is only 1 of 2 known surviving crew members from WW2”.