‘Lindisfarne’ Holy Island’

A sunset painting of a castle which sits on Lindisfarne also known as Holy Island in Northumbria on the North East Coast of England. I painted this scene of the castle along with a painting of Bamburgh Castle which sits on the same coast line, https://wp.me/p2Ijh6-1om and for some reason forgot to post the image. There is a monastery on Lindisfarne which was founded by the Irish monk Saint Aidan circa 634, the castle was actually built much later c.1550. With Holy Island being a very spiritual place I decided on this sunset depiction as opposed to the stormy, brooding setting of Bamburgh Castle. There is also a causeway leading to Holy Island, so you have to beat the tide on the way out otherwise you are stuck there for the night.

‘Lindisfarne’ Holy Island’ Northumberland

Painting available to purchase :: derek@shapirofineart.com