An oil painting of ‘Maer Hall’, home of Josiah Wedgwood 2nd.

Josiah Wedgwood 2nd was the son of Josiah Wedgwood the famous potter and lived at Maer Hall.

I was commissioned to do this scene of Maer Hall for the present owners some years ago.

I remember it being a cloudy day towards the end of a very hot summer, hence the scorched look of the paddock and banks of the lawns to the grounds of the hall, along with the owners horses a Palomino and Chestnut grazing in the paddock, I think this painting epitomizes the English country house.

‘Maer Hall’ Maer Staffordshire 

Oil on canvas 24 x 36 in  60.96 cm x 91.44 cm

In the past the Hall was much reduced in size and was originally owned by Josiah Wedgwood II, (son of Josiah Wedgwood) the famous potter.

Charles Darwin the English naturalist, known as the father of evolution and author of the Origin of Species (1859) often visited Maer and went on to marry Josiah’s daughter Emma.

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