Pencil drawing of a cross breed dog.

Pencil on Card 10 x 7 in 25.4 x 17.78 cm

This is a posthumous drawing of a dog.

I don’t normally do pencil drawings but as I was asked by a client who wanted to surprise her husband with this drawing as a birthday gift and as she has bought things off me in the past, on this occasion I said that I would and decided to let her have it at a discounted price.

To cut a long story short, she has never seen the drawing and I’ve not seen her since.

Fortunately for me this type of occurrence has never happened before, so to put the drawing to use, I decided to create a new gallery that will show off any drawings that I decide to do in the future.

In the past the only drawing that I’ve done are preparatory sketches for paintings where I go straight in with a brush.

As far as the discipline of drawing goes, age and indolence has caught me up and I intend to use a pencil a lot more.

There is nothing quite like it to teach you about light and shade.

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