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Traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro

‘Whitmore Church’ Oil painting

This is a past painting of Saint Mary and All Saints Parish Church situated in Staffordshire, near to Newcastle Under Lyme. I was commissioned to paint the church by clients who’s son got married there and as the clock states at half past one on a sunny afternoon.

โ€˜Saint Mary and All Saints Parish Churchโ€™

Oil on canvas 20.32 x 30.48 cm


‘Early Morning Light’ Westzaan’ Netherlands

An early morning painting of a windmill set in Westzaan, a town in the Dutch province of North Holland in the municipality of Zaanstad. I had an exhibition of wild life paintings in Westzaan and did this painting sometime after back in my studio, the whole of the exhibition was devoted to wild life paintings. .

An oil painting of a windmill in the early morning with a pair of Mallard ducks landing in the dyke
‘ Early Morning Light’

Oil on panel 25.4 x 35.56 cm

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‘Into the Mist’

Selected by the Royal Society of Marine Artists

This painting of HMS Trenchant is of a Trafalgar-class nuclear powered submarine. Sometime ago, I painted the flagship to this submarine HMS Trafalgar (now decommissioned) which was entered into a Navy Days exhibition in Plymouth, the exhibition was given over entirely to submarine pictures and the painting of HMS Trafalgar was sold as a result of the exhibition.

The painting of HMS Trenchant is seen here on trials coming into Faslane, Scotland and was selected for exhibition at the Royal Society of Marine Artist at the Mall Galleries. I have the painting in my collection although I would consider selling.

An oil painting of HMS Trenchant, first of the nuclear powered submarines (T-Class). On trials in Faslane.
‘Into the Mist’

Oil on canvas 18 x 30 ins



Oil on canvas panel of ‘Madeley Mill’

A local scene of Madeley Mill, a significant feature and well-known landmark of the village of Madeley which is situated in North Staffordshire. An old grain Mill built in the 19th Century and to be demolished roundabout 1980, saved by the developers and converted into apartments.

‘Madeley Mill’

ย Oil on canvas panel 8 x 12 in 20.32 x 30.84 cm

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‘The River Teifi’, Cenarth Bridge’ Camarthonshire Wales.

“Cenarth sits astride the Teifi – mostly in Carmarthenshire, but also partly in Ceredigion. There is a spectacular waterfall and salmon leap and is one of the best places to see the coracles. In fact, annual coracle races take place in Cenarth at the end of July. The picturesque 200 year old bridge is an attraction in itself and features in most tourist brochures of Wales. The walk beside the famous falls enables you to meander for some distance beside the peaceful Teifi.

'The River Teifi', Cenarth Bridge' Camarthonshire a landscape painting, oil on canvas with a fisherman fishing for salmon
‘The River Teifi’, Cenarth Bridge’

Oil on canvas panel 11 x 15 in 27.94 x 38.1 cm



‘Portrait of a Hereford Bull Resting’

This is my latest animal painting of a pollard Hereford Bull. Hereford cattle, especially bulls make great paintings. I saw this magnificent beast relaxing in a field whilst out walking in Cumbria and immediately thought it would make for a great painting. I painted this great beast sometime after back in my studio, I like the result and hope that you do to.

An oil portrait painting of an polarded Hereford Bull lying down in a field resting
‘Portrait of a Hereford Bull Resting’

Oil on canvas panel 8 x 10 in 20.32 x 25.40 cm

Painting available to purchase

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Still Life Painting Of A Fallen Apple.

This apple called James Grieve is an old variety of apple and gets its name from its breeder, these small fruit studies make charming paintings and have proven to be popular amongst collectors, there are well over1200 varieties of English Apple, they have enchanting names Acklam Russets, Barnack Beauty, Nutmeg Pippin, Knobby Russetโ€ฆand many more. The inspiration for these paintings stems from the stylized fruit that I was trained to paint during my time working for Coalport China, part of the world famous Wedgwood Group. Studies such as these , which I paint today, have much more realism, I have a grower of various varieties of apple locally and can set them up in the studio and work from life, there is no substitute for observation than working from nature, nature being our greatest teacher.

An oil painting of an fallen apple and Blackberries on a natural ground
‘James Grieve’

Oil on panel 5 x 7 in 12.7 x 17.78 cm

Painting available to purchase

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‘Study of a Hanging Pheasant and Cartridge Bag’

Oil on canvas 24″ x 20″ x 60.96cm x 50.8


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‘At the Stable Door’

I found this horse called Rosie M in a stable block at the back of some farm buildings and decided it would make for a good painting. The horse was looking out over the stable door and looked as if it was taking in the landscape at the back of the buildings, perhaps thinking about the times she has galloped across the fields dreaming of the next hunt. I kept the painting for some time in my collection and eventually sold it to the owner of the horse. It transpired that the owner was the daughter of the Hunt Master that owned the farm and she used to ride it in the local hunt.

Commissions Welcome, Any Subject.

An oil painting of a horse looking out over a stable door
‘At the Stable Door’

Oil on canvas 36″ x 30″ (91.44 cm x 76.2 cm)

If you would like your horse painted then please get in touch.

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