Shapiro Fine Art

Collection of traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro. All subjects with an emphasis on commissioned work.


Oil painting of a Bengal cat called Simba


Oil on canvas 7.50″ x  5.50″

Commissioned painting of Simba the Bengal Cat

Comment received September 20th

The painting is beautiful its caught simba perfectly. We couldn’t be more pleased thank you so much
             Regards Carole and Roger

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‘River Dove’ Mill Dale’ Derbyshire

Landscape oil painting of cattle watering in the River Dove in Mill Dale Derbyshire

‘River Dove’ Mill Dale Derbyshire 

Oil on canvas 14″ x 20″

Paintings from walks I’ve done.

I did this walk along the River Dove some time ago and at the time was minus my camera. I don’t normally paint from other peoples photography, on this occasion because it evoked the time of the walk and don’t suppose I shall do the Mill Dale walk again I made an exception and put it to canvas, the only difference being I decided to turn the cows round in my painting, I hope he won’t mind!

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‘Just Turned Out’ Newhey Farm’ Lancashire

An oil painting of a farmhouse in yorkshire with cows being driven down the lane and let out into the field.

‘ Just Turned Out’ Newhay Farm’ Lancashire

Oil on canvas 10″ x 30″

Commissioned painting

Comment from Richard Drake. 9 September 2017

This is the picture I commissioned for my dad’s birthday, the picture here doesn’t do it justice, Derek’s work is superb the detail is fantastic and my dad is very happy with it, we had a wonderful trip to Derek’s gallery to pick the picture up, his other work on display is fantastic and worth a visit if you want to check out his work before commissioning a picture or just looking for something for that empty spot on a wall

Commissions welcome any subject for 2018. Please click here




‘An Angus Bull’

An oil painting on canvas of an Angus bull standing in a field

‘An Angus Bull’

Oil on canvas 10″ x 16″

This painting is a commission destined for a new Inn about to open where Angus steak will be served on the menu.

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Pastel on paper 15″ x 12″

This is a commissioned  pastel portrait of Oliver, who at the time was four years of age. I find pastel portraits of children particularly demanding for there are no characteristic features to latch onto and children are smooth and wrinkle free.



‘Walking the Dogs’ Lathkill Dale’ Derbyshire

Landscape painting of a scene in the Peak District of Derbyshire with a figure walking two Labrador dogs

‘Walking the Dogs’ Lathkill Dale’ Derbyshire

Oil on canvas 12″ x 16″

I’ve walked most of the Dales  and do agree that Lathkill Dale is one of the prettiest Dales in the  Peak District of Derbyshire .

On this particular stretch over the River Lathkill, by way of the bridge, there is a disused  mine where in bygone days they used to dig for tin. Now a peace full setting, one can only imagine what it must have been like in the days of mining for tin. It was the bridge that struck me which I thought would make for a good painting.

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