Shapiro Fine Art

Collection of traditional oil paintings by Fine Artist Derek Shapiro. All subjects with an emphasis on commissioned work.

‘Sunday Afternoon’

‘Sunday Afternoon’, a young couple take a pony and carriage ride passing a thatched cottage in a quiet rural backwater of the Gloucestershire countryside. Beside the aesthetic charm of this picture, the object and fascination was to convey to the viewer the atmosphere of light and shade, and the strong contrast between bright sunshine and dark shadows where the sun fails to reach, where one is almost blinded when looking into the shadows.

An oil painting of a horse drawn carriage on a bright sunny day passing a Gloucestershire cottage in a quiet backwater

‘Sunday Afternoon’

Oil on canvas 16″ x 12″


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‘Llyn Gwynant and The Glyders’

A landscape painting which depicts a view looking across Llyn Gwynant to the Glyder Mountains in the distance. Llyn Gwynant is situated in the Snowdonia National Park Gwynedd North Wales. Across the lake you can camp in Ddôl Fach which is an ideal place for canoeing and kayaking as well as a popular place for walkers.

An oil on canvas landscape painting of a view across Llyn Gwynant to Glyder Mountains in Snowdonia National Park Gwynedd North Wales

‘Llyn Gwynant and the Glyders’ North Wales

Oil on canvas 14″ x 20″

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‘Vèroniques Windowsill’

This painting was completed some time ago and was a pivotal point in my career. I have a Limited Edition print which is available on my site, if interested please click here. As well as being a turning point in what I was attempting to achieve with my painting, it turned out to be a bittersweet lesson in life.

French still life painting of a bottle of wine and cheese on a windowsill

‘Veroniques Windowsill’

Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in

Artists Collection

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‘Lindisfarne’ Holy Island’

A sunset painting of a castle which sits on Lindisfarne also known as Holy Island in Northumbria on the North East Coast of England. I painted this scene of the castle along with a painting of Bamburgh Castle which sits on the same coast line, and for some reason forgot to post the image. There is a monastery on Lindisfarne which was founded by the Irish monk Saint Aidan circa 634, the castle was actually built much later c.1550. With Holy Island being a very spiritual place I decided on this sunset depiction as opposed to the stormy, brooding setting of Bamburgh Castle. There is also a causeway leading to Holy Island, so you have to beat the tide on the way out otherwise you are stuck there for the night.

An oil painting of sun set scene of a castle in the North East of Englande Castle set on an Island

‘Lindisfarne’ Holy Island’ Northumberland

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‘Blue and White’

This oil on canvas hangs in my kitchen along with blue and white earthenware which my wife collects, along with some bone china which I painted during my time with Coalport China before their timely demise. Everyday objects such as this earthenware which was mass produced in the Staffordshire pottery industry more often than not make for the best paintings.

‘Blue and White’

Oil on canvas panel 9.50″ x 15″

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‘The River Wye’ Monsal Dale Derbyshire.

This painting,  oil on panel, was inspired while out walking at Monsal Dale which lies near Bakewell in Derbyshire. One of the most popular beauty spots in the Peak District, with absolutely fabulous dales scenery. As the title of the painting ‘The River Wye’ suggests, the walk took me much of the way along the banks of the river. I couldn’t resist this view along the valley which to me epitomises our beautiful English countryside.


Landscape painting of the River Wye with cattle watering in the river.

‘River Wye’ Monsal Dale Derbyshire.

Oil on panel 18″ x 24″

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‘Portrait of a Highland Cow’

I have an affinity with these great beasts and although they are becoming increasingly more popular in the Midlands where I live, I always seek them out whenever I go upto Scotland, particularly on the South West Coast.

I sold this painting from my website to someone who lives in the South of the country.


‘Portrait of a Highland Cow’

Oil on canvas 15″ x 18″

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‘Into the Mist’ – Selected by the Royal Society of Marine Artists

This painting of HMS Trenchant is of a Trafalgar-class nuclear powered submarine.

Sometime ago, I painted the flagship to this submarine (HMS Trafalgar) which was entered into a Navy Days exhibition in Plymouth, the exhibition was given over entirely to submarine pictures and the painting was sold at the exhibition.

The painting of HMS Trenchant is seen here on trials, coming into Faslane, Scotland and was selected for exhibition at the Royal Society of Marine Artist at the Mall Galleries. I have the painting in my collection (although I would consider selling).


An oil painting of HMS Trenchant, first of the nuclear powered submarines (T-Class). On trials in Faslane.

‘Into the Mist’ HMS Trenchant

Oil on canvas 18 x 30 ins

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‘Late Afternoon’ Twixt Rain and Shine’, The Lledr River, Dolwyddelan, North Wales

The inspiration behind this painting was taken whilst out walking along the River Lledr in North Wales. It was a glorious sunny day and  there came on a torrential rain storm which disappeared as soon as it came. I was struck in the change of light from very bright sunshine as the ground and foliage soaked up the rain, and the different greens became much darker and richer and took on as it so often does in the North Welsh landscape pearly looking green greys. I have to say that it is one of my favourite landscapes, so much so that even though I would probably sell it, it sits quite happily in my collection and hangs on the wall of my house.

An oil on canvas landscape painting of a River Scene in North Wales

‘Late Afternoon’ Twixt Rain and Shine’, The Lledr River, Dolwyddelan, North Wales

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‘Charlie’ the Old Soldier’

This is Charlie the Chocolate Labrador, commissioned and required as a surprise Christmas gift. Charlie who is an old soldier, now approaching 13 years, belongs to Paul and Helen German who live in Bristol. Paul contacted me through Facebook, after seeing a previous posting of a Black Labrador called Wilfred that I had painted.

An oil on canvas painting of an old retired working chocolate labrador dog

‘Charlie’ the Old Soldier’

Oil on canvas 14″ x 10″

Commissions taken, any subject, contact me here


Hi Derek,

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say a huge thank you for the wonderful painting of Charlie.
I hadn’t opened it prior to gift wrapping the picture and giving it to the wife on Christmas Day.
To say she was overjoyed is a huge understatement!
She( nor the other guests/family we had that day) couldn’t believe, not only the resemblance, but also how you managed to somehow paint the dogs personality as well!

Many thanks once again, and wishing you a happy new year.