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Country Gallery – Restoration

Is pleased to announce our association with The Revival Company after restoring some damaged pictures for them.






Brilliant Brushstrokes

The art of Fine Art

With realistic, vibrant paintings perfectly capturing landscapes, animals, people and still life, Derek Shapiro’s fine artwork is truly breathtaking.

With an obsession for realism, his stunning creations have the detail of a photograph and the soul of a painting, with an eye for detail so true to life it’s easy to see why his successful painting career has spanned an incredible 35 years.

But surprisingly, Derek was denied a place at Art College when he left school.

With no formal qualifications to his name, he spent years doing various jobs, including a stint in the rag trade working for master tailors.

But although he enjoyed it, this was not the type of work he was inspired by and eventually Derek went in search of pastures new.

It was not until he was 28 years of age that he got back into the art world, after spotting an advert in the local paper; he ended up working at the world-renowned Wedgewood group, in the prestige department of Coalport China where he trained to paint on fine bone china.

Derek, who has had a working gallery at Slater’s Craft Village for the past 15 years as well as a small gallery in his home village of  Woore, spoke to Newcastle Life magazine about his prolific career.

He explained: “I wasted my time at school, I was not really interested in it, and because Art College required O-Levels which I didn’t have, I never got in.

“I remember working for a week solid before my interview at Coalport in an effort to put together a portfolio of work, which at the time I also didn’t have!

“But my hard work paid off and they must’ve seen something in me because I was offered the job, ahead of people who had in fact been to Art College and gained degrees. It was great.”

Derek started as a freehand artist, painting on fine bone china for the gift ware market, eventually working on historic editions and prototypes.

When he was made redundant in 1979, he was determined not to be deterred and he set about creating freelance artwork to sell and within a few years decided to switch to oil painting.

Completely self taught in oil painting, Derek now spends his time creating visually stunning pieces in oil on canvas.

His obsession and attention to detail is evident in the works he produces today and cover an eclectic mix of subject matter, which is quite a rarity in itself, for an artist to jump from one subject to another. His aim is to work without compromise to achieve the space and depth no matter the subject which give his work the substance he strives for. He continued: “ the way I achieve the end result I’m looking for is by working on several paintings at the same time, so whilst I’m waiting for paint to dry I’ll switch to another canvas, and because my paintings take a long time to do I can return to each painting with fresh eyes. Another reason is my attention span is low and I get bored painting the same things – it keeps things interesting doing different things. Besides, I’d hate to be labelled as the artist who paints stick figures!

In the past he has exhibited in various galleries in the UK and the Netherlands and been accepted by the Society of Marine Artists in the Mall Galleries as well as holding solo exhibitions at Tatton Park, Weston Hall the N.E.C. and even the South African Embassy and has plenty of exciting projects on the horizon.

Derek specialises in commissioned work and also offers a full restoration service of Period and old oil and water colour paintings.


Limited Edition Prints


Mandi Ooshuyan and Di Milford

Meeting at the gallery with www.projectgateway.co.za. On Tuesday 4th March, Di Milford, Sally Wood, Mandi Ooshuyzen and Reg Witchard travelled to Cheshire to meet with artist, Derek Shapiro. Derek has been involved with Gateway for a while.







 Exhibition Without Haste – June 21 thru September 26, 2015 


26th January 2015

New Taxidermy By Tony Bailey

Goldfinches and Crossbills

Participated in the following exhibitions

25th October – 29th November 2014 The Upstairs Gallery 17a Broad Street Leek ST13 5NR

Rob Staphorsius Gallery –  ‘Nature Naturally’ – Westzaan Amsterdam

The Mall Galleries London – Royal Society Marine Artists

Cavendish Gallery Derbyshire

The Wirral Gallery Cheshire

Weston Hall Staffordshire – Solo Exhibition

Tatton Park Cheshire – Solo Exhibition

South African Embassy Trafalgar Square London – Solo Exhibition

Weston Park Shropshire

National Exhibition Centre Birmingham – Solo Exhibition

Taxidermy by Tony Bailey coming soon

Country Gallery has been searching for some time to display a range of taxidermy in the gallery to compliment the paintings of Derek Shapiro. We have looked at a considerable amount of taxidermy in the past, which has never really reached the standard and quality of work that we’ve been searching for. Through the French Emporium, who have a retail shop at the same complex as Country Gallery, it transpired that Mick the owner has a brother Tony who has an uncompromising passion for taxidermy, which we immediately thought was right, and we decided to carry his work.

About Tony Bailey 

Bronzes by Angela Munslow coming soon

Angela trained at the Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture, Stoke-on-Trent, from 1990-1992, after working in science based industry and education.

She has had many commissions for public, corporate and garden sculpture, portraiture, and smaller pieces.

She is known for her corporate commissions

Her corporate commissions include ‘Discovery’ sculpture, for Royal Doulton was exhibited in the British Pavilion at Expo 92 in Seville.

‘Harmony’ formed part of Stapeley Water Garden’s display at Chelsea Flower Show, and led to garden sculpture commissions such as her ‘Flower Fairies’ shown at the major flower shows, and featured in the media, and are in private collections throughout the UK and as far away as New Zealand.

Religious Subjects – she completed a five foot sculpture of St Francis of Assisi for a convent, and a life sized  Risen Christ for the  Community of the King of Love, Whaley Bridge.

Smaller work included commissions for Heredities a giftware company .

She was Highly commended in a Royal Society of British Sculptors competition and her design cast in bronze by the Royal Mint.

Female figures.

The ‘Discovery’ sculpture, for Royal Doulton was Expo 92 in Seville was featured on ITV television news.

Discovery was chosen as the local choice for BBC history of the world in a hundred objects

‘Harmony’ which formed part of Stapeley Water Garden’s display at Chelsea Flower Show, was shown on TV and in the press.

She featured in a Sky- Channel M arts programme ‘Zeitgeist’ in April 2008, where she was interviewed and shown working in her studio.

Her paintings (in all mediums) are a development of sketches from a continuous study of the figure and portraiture.

She has exhibited  extensively in the North West and Midlands and further afield, sculpture and paintings, works to commission, and participates in workshops as well as developing her own work.

New addition to Country Gallery 

Authentic ‘lost wax’ Bronzes

Country Gallery finds another home

In Derek Shapiro’s pretty home village of Woore, which is well known for being the border hamlet of the three counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

Derek  will showcase his paintings in the Nantwich Road gallery from the beginning of April and hopes to attract visitors with an appreciation for rural and countryside subjects.  Derek’s work, which includes landscapes, wildlife and still life is a collection of subject matter close to Derek’s heart. Living in the countryside, Derek enjoys all aspects of nature, from which he draws his inspiration.

As well as Derek’s artwork, the gallery will also feature authentic ‘lost wax’ bronze sculptures.

‘Country Gallery’ Opening Soon’

New real time gallery to open on 5th April, 5A Nantwich Road Woore Cheshire CW3 9SA

Paintings by Derek Shapiro for sale plus a range of lost wax bronzes

Woore Church Magazine

Exhibiting in the Netherlands near Amsterdam

Exhibition “Natural Nature” October 26 t / m December 28, 2013

The exhibition will be held at the ;

Rob Staphorsius Gallery
J.J. Allanstraat 287B
1551 RG Westzaan

The theme of the exhibition, as the title suggests, all things connected with nature, wildlife etc.

Book by Wally Shaw

A report by the author’s father of his times served on HMS Warspite in WW2 save by incorporating it in to a small tome by his son.


No. of pages: 51
Size: 144x206mm
eBook: AUD$5.00
Paperback: AUD$11.95
Illustrated with colour and b/w photographs.

HMS Warspite was the most powerful weapons platform in the world when she was launched in 1915. She had eight 15” rifled cannon, four for’ard and four aft, capable of hitting a target at about 26,000 yards (23,000 metres) or about 15 miles.

My grandfather, William Shaw, Chief Armourer, did the gun trials on her prior to commissioning.

My father, Wally Shaw was a telegraphist aboard her in 1940-41 under Admiral Cunningham. He wrote of his time after a “last Tribute” to the “Grand Old Lady” as she was known, at a memorial service held in Marazion, Cornwall in 1992 on the shore opposite to where she sank.

I bought a print of HMS Warspite from Derek Shapiro, the artist, and sent it to my father soon after this, and he sent me a copy of his report. I re-discovered his report in June 2012 and realised that if I didn’t do something constructive about it, it would be lost forever. Hence the book.

Wally died in 2008 and I sent the Warspite picture to my son, Shean Shaw, who also spends his life at sea off the coast of Australia, working in the oil industry.

Available at ;


Exhibiting At The International Spring Fair Birmingham- 3rd Feb – 7th Feb

I will be exhibiting for the first time, a mixed selection of paintings at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.