Oil painting of HMS Trenchant that appeared recently in a Channel 5 documentary.

HMS Trenchant is an oil painting in my collection although I would consider selling,

I often hold pictures back because some of my paintings reach a kind of plateau, they have a certain something, which is difficult to explain, I do realize however, it is not practical or economical to hold onto things, sometimes if the price is right, its time to let go.

I did this painting and had every intention of pairing it up to match a painting I did of the flagship to HMS Trenchant, HMS Trafalgar.

The painting of Trafalgar went into a Navy Days exhibition, held in Plymouth and arranged by an Art Gallery in Plymouth, which was exhibited and purely held for submarine paintings. A wishy-washy painting won the exhibition for it was painted by a retired, I think Commander of the Royal Navy, and obviously you must draw your own conclusions. However I went on to sell the painting as a result of the exhibition.

I managed to finish the oil on canvas painting of HMS Trenchant some time later and one of the reasons I hung onto it was because I liked the way the sea turned out. Most pictures that I have seen where the sea dominates the picture are relatively flat.

Awhile ago I restored a couple of old paintings for a client whom lived in my village and he kindly supplied me with a good photograph of Trenchant, on trials coming out of Faslane, Scotland. It was pure coincidence that he was a retired officer in the Royal Navy who happened to have connections with officer submariners.

Should you be interested this submarine was the first of its class to be nuclear powered which was ground breaking at the time, designed and classed as hunter killers bringing about stability and capable of moving about silently wherever they were sent.

I well remember doing a painting in the early days of HMS Warspite, a Second World War battleship, commissioned by the Provost Marshall of HMS Drake, where at the time it was to hang in the Mess. The interesting thing was that during the presentation of the picture, the flagship to Trenchant, HMS Trafalgar was undergoing repairs at Devonport dockyards.


‘Into the Mist’

Oil on canvas 18 x 30 in

Commission welcome any subject