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Are you looking for a professional Fine Art Cheshire based artist? Look no further, Shapiro Fine Art has over 35 years of experience and knowledge within the art industry providing outstanding yet affordable oil paintings and Interior Art Cheshire based services.

Whether you are after a one of a kind portrait or your favourite landscape, our Oil Paintings Cheshire services are the one for you. Over the years, Shapiros has had work exhibited in various galleries in the UK as well as the Netherlands, along with holding solo exhibitions at Tatton Park, Weston Hall the N.E.C. and even the South African Embassy. Not only do we supply our local area but our work is available online, across the United Kingdom and internationally.

So if you would like a piece of Interior Art Cheshire, check out our amazing online gallery and store to make a purchase today! We specialise in commissioned work and also offer a full restoration service of Period and old oil & water-colour paintings.