‘Portrait of Rory McIlroy’

An oil on canvas painting of the top golfer Rory Mcllroy.

Oil on canvas 24 x 20 in 60.96 x 50.8 cm

This is an oil portrait painting of Rory Mcllroy, well on the way to the peak of his golfing career and going on to win 2014 Open Championship.

This painting is on loan and can be seen at Onneley Golf Club, local to my house where it hangs in the club house,

This is the sort of bespoke piece that I can do for you if you are a golfer, or any other type of sportsperson or a general portrait of yourself come to think of it.

The reason that I chose to do a portrait of Rory is that he is a household name and recognisable by many and shows the likeness I can achieve and I occasionally play the odd round of golf which I do for the exercise even though I’m mediocre !

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