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Whilst out walking with an old friend, in late summer last year, we happened across this scene in a remote part of the Shropshire countryside. Scenes like this are hard to find and make good subjects for a painting. As often is the case, it is the simplistic things that we give no thought to that make for the best paintings. Every picture tells a story, this one to me conveys the message, as the title of the painting ‘Retired’ suggests, something that has lived out it’s time and usefulness and no longer required. Also the run down and overgrown condition of the lean too, where the tractor is housed, perhaps an indication that the farmer has seen better times and is now, as our economy is, suffering austere times. This scene is as is, apart from the dirt lane, I don’t much like tarmac in paintings, and the chickens were added as an afterthought.


Oil on canvas panel 12 x 16 in

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