‘Stable Mates’

Mucking out at the North Staffs Hunt stables is an oil on canvas painting

Oil on canvas 16.50 x 20.50 in 41.91 x 52.07 cm

This is an oil on canvas painting of the North Staffs Hunt stables which is not far from my home.
On meeting the owner to discuss a potential commission, at the time they were mucking out the stable yard.
You will note my attention for detail and my obsession for not wanting to leave things out, note the broken window and the taped up handle on the shovel leaning on the stable wall and the coats hanging on a hook whilst the stables were being mucked out and the tennis ball between the Labradors legs, patiently waiting for another throw.
The Patterdale near the stable door that has been re-hinged sadly died before I finished this painting, he got into some rat poison which was placed down in one of the barns.

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