7) A Powerful Tiger Painting Hunting And Stalking For Prey

A STRIKING painting of a hungry Stalking Tiger

Never work with children and animals, for they are always on the move, which is especially true of wild animals, particularly wild animals for they are so unpredictable.

One can spend a long time waiting for that special moment, very useful with photography in getting things right, the only downside is that you’ve got to have patience and wait for the right time in capturing that special something.

As with this Tiger painting, I was particularly pleased with this picture, as I managed to capture the concentration and focus in it’s eyes, as it stalked it’s prey, the emotion, that intangible quality of a painting is what I’m after which is coming into my pictures whatever subject I paint.

They say the camera never lies, you just have to know how to use it and shape it to your needs. I find the camera an invaluable tool to use in the execution of paintings for it can record a moment in time at the touch of a button.

I have to admit I find drawing particularly tiresome, when using a camera, you can record much more than a sketch book and in a fraction of the time, and make sure you make notes to remind yourself of the day,

That doesn’t mean to say that drawing hasn’t got a place, as with the page on drawings I’ve included on my website, working with graphite and charcoal teaches you the importance of light and shade, and gives you invaluable lessons when it comes to a painting.


‘Stalking Tiger’

Oil on panel 20 x 18 ins

Available to purchase, please click here