A commissioned still life painting of an apple called ‘Allington Pippin’ (2)

An apple painting commissioned and inspired by my days working as an artist at Coalport China

I used a cotton canvas for this painting, as opposed to a panel which gives it a totally different appearance. The last fruit painting I did was of a Cox’s which should give you an example of how important it is of choosing the right ground to paint upon. Although in my opinion they are equally as good, I think the colours of the one on canvas are more subdued and softer than the painting of, as this example of a Cox’s shows.

Depending on the area of the country where these apples are grown will have an effect on the appearance and colours where they are grown.

Allington Pippin is a cross with a Cox’s Orange Pippin and a King of the Pippins, which give it that distinctive flavour.

‘Allington Pippin’

Oil on canvas 5 x 7 in


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