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‘The Pearl Earring’

Every picture tells a story

An interior of a summer house, on the table sit two glasses and a bottle of red wine, Chateaunerf Du Pap, perhaps a favourite wine? A reading book has been put down; a pearl earring and button have been placed on the table, what is going on in this painting? It is down to the viewer to decide. Would you like  a still life painting made up of your favourite wine, accompanied by objects which have real meaning to you?

A Still life oil painting of a bottle of chateauneuf du pape wine, a pearl earring, a button and reading book, set inside a summer house

‘The Pearl Earring’

Oil on panel 12 x 8.75 in NFS


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‘ Classic Day Out ‘

Classic Day Out’ is  a water colour of Alan Davis, in his cherished MGB Roadster leaving Lewtrenchard Manor. Alan’s daughter, Catherine, commissioned me to do this painting. Alan now retired, has been in the motoring trade for 47 years, 30 of which were at the helm of his own business. He has completed many restorations of old MG’s and has been a member of the MG Club for over 40 years. Although I have never met Alan, through this painting I feel that I have got to know him partially. Alan used Lewtrenchard Manor the backdrop to the painting, for  business events as well as personal occasions, the  occasion this time, as the number plate say’s his 70th birthday. What a surprise.


Lewtrenchard Manor

‘Classic Day Out’


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Oil painting of ‘Robbie’ the West Highland Terrier

Here a commissioned painting of Robbie a much loved West Highland Terrier. This painting was painted posthumously for the client, who I’m pleased to say was delighted with the result. Posthumous paintings are always more difficult to do as I like to get at the source of whatever I paint, particularly people and animals.

An oil painting of a West Highland Terrier called Robbie


Oil on panel 7.50 x 5.50 ins

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‘ The Apple Pickers’

' The Apple Pickers'

This painting was commissioned by a couple from my home town of Stafford. The couple came into my gallery awhile ago. They had been searching for some time for a painting of an apple orchard. The brief was to include two young boys with fair hair and a Red Setter dog. This set me a challenge, for it is the first time I’ve tackled this type of genre painting. As with most commissions you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially as it is impossible to perceive what the client is thinking. That said, it is always more satisfying when you achieve the desired result. I won’t know yet, as this has been posted before the clients have seen the work.

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