‘The Snowball Fight’

An oil snow scene painting of a public house set in Victorian times.

Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in

This painting set in winter of the Swan Hotel, an old coaching inn situated in my village of Woore on the main Chester to London road, shows a coach pulling in on its first stop from Chester.
Now converted into apartments the Swan Hotel in its heyday was one of three pubs in the tiny village of Woore, one of the other two is up for occupation and the remainder under management is eking out a living during the demise of the great British pub, one of our last great institutions.
The painting of the Swan depicted in mid Victorian times, when the post was delivered by horse and carriage is in my collection, although I would consider selling,

I have fond memories of the Swan where you could play snooker in one of the upstairs rooms for the princely sum of 50p when decimalization was brought in during the early 1970’s.

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