5 Labrador puppies titled ‘Yellow, Chocolate and Black’

A painting of a yellow, two chocolate and two black Labrador puppies looking over the top of a kennel partition

An oil on panel painting of five Labrador pups, most of which are destined as working dogs and for the ones that show exceptional promise are trained and entered into the field trial world. Any that don’t make the grade end up as guide dogs for the blind or because of their exceptional sense of smell are used for sniffing out drugs etc. Many end up as peg dogs for owners that belong to the shooting fraternity and the remainder go as family pets.

In the past I used to own a couple of Labs and English Springer Spaniels, having bred and trained a field trial winner that should have gone on to be a champion. Alas it wasn’t to last for I had a disagreement with the judge, and to be honest never saw the sense in killing something, although I wouldn’t condone anybody that shoots, not for me, I only got involved because of the affinity I had with Spaniels and Labs.

Now I would only entertain painting them onto canvas, just the end of another chapter in the book of life.

Here is a Black Labrador that I painted and sold awhile ago.

‘Yellow, Chocolate and Black’ Oil on panel 14 x 24 in 35.56 x 60.96 cm

Oil on canvas 14 x 24 in – 35.56 x 60.96 cm


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