‘HMS Warspite’ The Old Lady’

Oil on canvas painting of a Super Dreadnought bombarding the beaches on D-Day.

Oil on linen canvas 24 x 36 in 43.18 cm x 63.5 cm 🔴

The full title of this painting is ‘HMS Warspite’ The Old Lady Bombarding the Beaches Normandy’

First built in the 1st World War. This is an oil painting of the most famous British Battleship of all time, firing salvos during at the D-Day landings.

This battleship carries more battle honours than any other ship and also defied a trip to the breakers yard and ran aground at Prussia Cove in Cornwall at the end of the 2nd World War.

Commissioned by RN Provost Marshall Headquarters, HMS Drake, Plymouth, where it now hangs in the Mess .

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